Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Plan

I've tried to design the park as fully as possible; not only rides, but fully realized sections with rides, eateries, shops, and other attractions. I've also tried to vary the rides as much as possible, and to represent as much of Nintendo's history as I can. There are several franchises I wasn't able to include, listed at the bottom - I'm sure there's a place for them, but they can be figured out later.

Mushroom Kingdom
Princess Peach's Castle (walkthrough)
Toad Town
- Toad Town Post Office
- Starbeans Cafe (serving Starbucks Coffee)
- Toad Bros. Bazaar (gift shop)
- Yoshi's Cookies (bakery)
- The Tomestool (bookstore)
- Shy Guy's Toy Box (toy store)
- The Goomba Room (restaurant)
- WarioWear, Inc. (clothing store)
Rainbow Road-ler Coaster (indoor dark coaster)
Luigi's Mansion (a Haunted Mansion homage/ripoff)
Yoshi's Egg Spin (teacup ride)
Pipe Panic (slide park)
Koopa Troopalines (trampoline park with trampolines that look like Mario baddies)
Isle Delfino
- Hotel Delfino resort
- Delfino Plaza
-- Shine Gate (character meet-and-greet)
-- Police Station
-- Marketplace (gifts and food)
-- Glitzville (jewelry store)
-- Lighthouse
-- Koopa Kafe (restaurant)
- Pinna Park
-- Rainbow Cruise (pirate ship ride)
-- Ferris wheel
-- Noki Coaster (single car elevated coaster)
-- Yoshi-Go-Round (carousel)
-- Birdo's Egg Twirl (tilt-a-whirl)

Kongo Jungle
Tree Top Town
- DK's Tree House (walkthrough)
- Candy's Music Shop
- Burger Kong (restaurant)
- Cranky's Lab (a non-alcoholic bar/soda shop)
- Monkey Museum (walkthrough)
- Swanky's Arcade
-- Crosshair Cranky (shooting game)
-- Candy's Dance Studio (a DDR-esque game)
-- Rampage Rambi (simulator game)
-- others
- Bazaar's General Store
- The Golden Banana (restaurant)
- Wrinkly's Retreat (character meet-and-greet)
Diddy Kong's Kiddy Koaster (wooden kiddy coaster)
Funky's Flyers (aerial carousel)
Riptide River (log flume ride)
K3 (mountain)
- Benny and Bjorn's Chair Lifts
- Tearaway Toboggan (bobsled ride)
- Mine Cart Madness (indoor wooden coaster)
- Gorilla Glacier (ice cream shop)

Hyrule Castle
- Hyrule Castle Hedge Maze
Kakariko Village
- Telma's Bar (restaurant)
- Stockwell's Shop (Zelda merchandise)
- Wheaton and Pita's Bakery
- Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium (high-end merchandise)
- Happy Mask Shop (sells all the masks featured in the games, as well as masks of characters, in various sizes and levels of quality)
- Happy Hearth Inn (small hotel)
- Temple of Time (walkthrough)
- Windmill Ferris Wheel
- Graveyard
-- Dampe's Gravedigger (dark coaster)
Death Mountain
- Goron Mines in Motion (mine cart motion ride)
- Darunia's Dance (wrestling/dancing/music interactive theatre)
- Gor Coron's Candy Grotto (candy shop)
Kokiri Woods
- Deku Tree (swing ride)
- Lost Woods maze
- Octorok-N-Roll (Octopus ride)
- Story Time with Kaepora Gaebora (interactive theatre)
Lake Hylia
- Underwater Tour (allows you to see real wildlife, as well as Zora and Parella buildings)
- Water Temple Island (small park in the middle of the lake available for picnics, etc)
- Boat rentals
- Lake Hylia Water Park
-- Ruto's Rapids (river rafting ride)
-- Zora River (lazy river)
-- Great Bay (wave pool)
-- Fyer's Cannon (high-speed water tube slide)
-- Veil Falls (water freefall slide)
-- Ralis Racers (dual water slides designed for racing)
- The Fishing Hole (seafood restaurant)
Gerudo Desert
- Gerudo Training Grounds (archery practice, horseback rides, etc)
- Nabooru's (Middle Eastern restaurant)
- Gerudo Gifts (store)

Pokemon Land
Pokemon carousel
Team Rocket's Blast-Off! (launched freefall ride)
Safari Zone (like the Jungle Cruise, but with animatronic Pokemon)
ExtremeSpeed/Quick Attack (Mobius strip dueling coasters)
The Girafarig (coaster that alternates between running forwards and backwards)
Pokemon Snap! (shooting dark ride)
- Todd's Place (photomat)
Wild Pikachu (wild mouse coaster)
Team Galactic Attacks (multimedia Pokemon battle stage show)
Deerling Forest ("meet-and-greet' animatronic interactive theatre)
Game Corner
- Whack-A-Diglett
- Voltorb Flip
- others
Pokemon Center (restaurant/gift shop/walkthrough)
Tauros Burger (restaurant)
Celadon Parfumerie
Seven Stars (high-end restaurant)
Cilan's/Cress's/Chili's Cafe (the sign rotates regularly)
Delibird's Delight (ice cream shop)

(Note: Ideally the majority if not all Pokemon would be represented in the park in some way. Todd's Place would sell a Pokedex-themed digital camera, and finding and "capturing" a daily-changing list of Pokemon with it would earn you a prize.)

Nintendo Galaxy
Fountain of Dreams (meet-and-greet)
Kirby's Warp Star (space shot drop ride)
Float Island (ice cream/soda shop)
Metroid: Zero Mission (stage show)
Chozo (high-end restaurant)
Team Star Fox Flight Academy (motion ride)
Peppy Hare's Barrel Roll (corkscrew-heavy dark coaster)
The Blue Marine (seafood restaurant)
Falco's Fineries (shop)
Starman Mother Ship (Enterprise-type ride)
Ness's PK Rockin' (pendulum ride)
The PK Fire Grill (restaurant)
Doshin/Jashin (dueling inverted coasters)
Starfy Splash (river rafting dark ride)
Pikmin Playground
Chibi-Robo Clean-Up Calamity (animatronic dark ride)
Club KK (restaurant/interactive theatre)
Nookington's (gift shop)
Villager's House (walkthrough)
Fantasy Planet (a subsection that connects Nintendo Galaxy to Hyrule)
The Wings of Pit (flying coaster)
Medusa's Gaze (Monster-type Octopus ride)
Gifts From Palutena (store)
Prince Marth's Wardrobe (clothing store)
Shadow Dragon (wing coaster)
Mike Jones's Shooting Star ("star flyer" swing ride)
Coral Cola & More (juice/soda bar)
Sports Planet (a subsection that connects Nintendo Galaxy to Wuhu Island Sport Resort)
Samurai Goroh's (sushi restaurant)
Blue Falcon VS. Fire Stingray (racing coaster)
Mach Riders (motorbike coaster)
Mach Rider's Macho Cider (quick-stop drink stand, also featuring Falcon Punch and others)

Wuhu Island Sport Resort
Wuhu Island Hotel
Little Mac's Burgers and Smallfries (restaurant)
The Golf Club (restaurant)Popo's Peak (artificial indoor mountain)
- 1080 Downhill (skiing/snowboarding courses in a variety of difficulties)
- Ice Climber Uphill (mountain climbing courses in a variety of difficulties)
- Nana's Outpost (store)
Hogan's Arcade
- Hogan's Alley Shooting Range
- Wild Gunman (carnival-style shooting game)
- Duck Hunt VS. (multi-player competitive virtual shooter)
- Sheriff's Shootout Laser Tag
- Pilotwings Flight Simulator
- Punch-Out!!! Virtual Boxing
Lake Mario
- Goose's Gliders (parasailing)
- Wave Races (jet ski race course)
- Steel Diver Strike (underwater interactive "dark" ride)
Nintendo Super Stadium
- Mario Kart Test Track
- Duck Hunt Skeet (outdoor skeet shooting)
- Mario Hoops Gymnasium
- Mr. Sandman's Boxing Gym
- Mario Sluggers Batting Cages
- Excitebike Moto track
- Mario Strikers Soccer Pitch
- Nintendo Grand Prix (passenger-controlled car "raceway", like Tomorrowland's Autopia)
- Mario Tennis Courts
- Mario Golf Driving Range
- Mario Bros. Athletic Dept. (athletic store)

Mr. Game and Watch will be used on all signage

(Games I didn't use: Balloon Fight, Clu Clu Land, Wrecking Crew, Devil World, Gyromite, Panel de Pon, Cubivore, Brain Age, Nintendo Wars, Card Hero, Shin Oni Gashima, Famicom Detective Club, Nintendogs, Daigasso! Band Brothers, Sin and Punishment, Drill Dozer, BattleClash, Electroplankton, and probably others.)